Auto Detailing Express Detail Packages


Our lowest standard detail package is an express exterior detail that includes foam gun, cannon, hand wash, and a two bucket system with grit guards. It’s a standard in our industry, but we distinguish ourselves by being the best at it in Cleveland. It also includes a tire and wheel detail. We’re going to degrease and scrub down wheel wells and tires really well. Get that little grime off, old silicone, and then we polish the wheels up. Clean those really well, restore the original luster.

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Express Auto Detailing Packages

The Express Package is going to get yellowing off, brake dust, things of that matter, and then it gets a spray wax. The whole vehicle gets lanced with snow foam, and then, the gravity will pull down the foam and the gravity will pull down the dirt off the vehicle, and then it sits for three to five minutes. It’s going to decontaminate, pull a lot of that dirt off, and then we’ll rinse it, re-foam it and begin the hand washing process. We’ll do that will all of our coated cars and with people off the street. Door jams get done and then it gets all toweled dry. We use an air blaster, a master blaster, to dry the car. We get the water out of all of the crevasses and then it uses filtered, heated air to do that, so it’s better than using a leaf blower or things of that nature that some other people may use.

Then we have a complete express detail which is going to be the same thing as the standard detail on the outside. On the interior of the car, we’ll do basic vacuum, dash wipe down, mirrors and glass in the vehicle. These are all maintenance packages, so we’re not taking anybody off the street to do these because a lot of times their cars are far too dirty or they need restoration first before they’re eligible for these car care plans.

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Included in Package

  • High-Quality Exterior Wash
  • Detail and Shine Wheels and Tires
  • Foam Decontamination
  • Filtered, Heated Air Drying Process
  • Optional Upgrade to Include Interior
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