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Auto Paint Correction Cleveland

Paint correction goes hand-in-hand with high level detailing and restoration work. It’s the process of removing scratches and getting paint work to where it’s perfect. That’s not necessarily a package deal because it’s more of an assessment we have to do on each vehicle, which can take varying amount of times. We remove all the defects from paint work, scratches, swirls, imperfections and make it like new, or as close to like that paint can possibly be. We do a lot of paint correction before semi-permanent or permanent ceramic coatings like Ceramic Pro because obviously you don’t want to seal your clear coat with existing imperfections. We offer the packages everyone thinks of with Ceramic Pro, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze, but we also offer a Platinum and a Diamond package too, which means more coats, and then a little bit further on the detailing.

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Every paint correction package is a custom assessment. A lot of people when we bring their car in has a lot of oxidation. The paint has micro-marring. It has a lot of blurring from scratches, from inferior products, from bad wax and from improperly trained techniques. When we’re able to restore their clear coat and remove all that old built-up wax, that yellowed-out that’s failing and we strip all that away, we see a pure beautiful clear coat. The customers barely recognize their own vehicles! So right after a correction, a customer will see that and they’ll think it’s coated, but it’s just what your paint should look like when it’s properly polished and beautiful.

Included in Package

  • Assessment of Damage
  • Personalized Plan to Correct Paint
  • Recommendation about Paint Sealants or Coatings
The best way to protect your investment!

What is Paint Correction?

Think of paint correction as the most essential step to making your car look perfect. We do paint correction as a step in some of our complete details as well as the higher level Ceramic Pro packages. Mr. Detail recommends paint correction for every vehicle with damage. Basically, it takes the scratches, swirls, and chips and polishes them out of the paint work. There are then several options to seal the correction in place, including:

  • Waxes
  • Paint sealants
  • Clear Bra
  • Ceramic Pro coatings

Each method’s length of time to keep your paint looking nice varies. Waxes are the least effective, especially when your car is subjected to Cleveland’s harsh environmental conditions. We recommend the Menzerna paint sealant, which is an excellent short-term option, but the most permanent and effective options are clear bra and Ceramic Pro packages.

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Paint correction is the first step to making your paint look new again. Choosing the best option to protect your paint after correction is essential.

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