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Window tinting is as beautiful as it is practical for your vehicle. When most people think of tinting, they think it’s just a way to make your vehicle look more sporty or high-end. While it definitely has aesthetic benefits, window tint is also a great product to protect the interior of your car from aging, to keep the interior of your car cool, to have additional privacy, and to keep your car more secure from people looking through the windows.

We use SunTek for window tinting. In the last few years, they’ve really become a great window film. We also have 3M that we use to give our customers the most options of the two industry leading window tinting films. We do more SunTek now in the last year and half than 3M just because they’re always striving to improve their products. As a company, SunTek really cares about the end user and the installer.

All of our tints are ceramic tints. Ceramic tints have largely taken over the tinting industry because they have better heat reduction without reducing your vision at all. We can order infrared tint if for some reason our customers request it, but we haven’t installed those in a while now because everything’s switching to the ceramic. It’s a better material. There are fewer scratches, especially up here in Cleveland, where you have a lot of ice and snow build-up on your windows. You get damage not just from it building up on the outside your car, but when you roll down your window, ice gets in your tracks. Ceramic tint is noticeably more durable against those kind of extreme temperature changes.

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Protect your investment!

Window Tinting Oakwood

  • Less fading on the interior of the vehicle
  • Increases privacy and security
  • Blocks harmful UV rays from passengers as well as interior of vehicle
  • Rejects heat keeping your car cooler
  • Resists shattering
  • Protect window glass from scratching
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Preferred Products: SunTek and 3M

  • Ceramic coatings
  • No worry about radio or device interference
  • Superior protection from Heat, UV and Infrared
  • Some of the best warranties in the industry
  • Industry leaders in new materials development
  • Corporate concern in end-users’ and installers’ experience

Best Tint Products and Experienced Installers

Window tint isn’t just about looking good (though it’s great at that). Window tint protects the interior of your vehicle from fading, gives you and your passengers more privacy, and places a strong, scratch and shatter-resistant surface on your windows.

All-Weather and All Styles of Tint

Most people think of tint as being necessary in sunny, bright environments, but as we in Cleveland know, it’s just as easy to get sunburned on the slopes while skiing as it is on the beach while sunbathing. Window tint, especially the superior ceramic window tints we prefer, has superior heat reduction. This means that it blocks a fair amount of the UVA and UVB rays that bombard your vehicle every day. This keeps the interior of your vehicle cooler and keeps the interior of your car from fading. Ceramic tints are also particularly scratch proof, so they provide protection for your car windows, especially when dealing with the kind of ice build-up you can get on your windows in Cleveland winters.

All that tint also prevents people from looking inside your vehicle — meaning increased privacy and increased security. There’s a reason those luxury limousines all tint the exterior of their windows. Over time, the darkened windows have become synonymous with the idea of a high end vehicle. The darkened windows make your car look sleeker, richer, and beautiful.

Window Tinting Oakwood | 440.669.0587

The Benefits of Mr. Detail

Mr. Detail’s expansion in the past few years has situated us in a unique position. Mr. Detail is interested in being more than just a business. Our facility is more than big enough to grow in and handle things and we put a brand new retail area in as well, so we’re supplying other shops in our area with product. Not only that, but we’re supplying the public with high-end, high quality understanding about what products we’re buying and what products are going to be used for, so people are really loving that. We’re a diamond dealer for WeatherTech, so you’re able to buy all your Weather Tech-cessories at a better rate than you’re able to buy them online. We’re the only installer of Ceramic Pro in the Cleveland area.

That means that, in addition to being the most experienced installers in high-end vehicle products, we act as suppliers of all manner of products to other shops. Whatever kind of tint you want, we can get our hands on it, and we’ll be the best at installing it. We’re uniquely situated to meet our clients’ needs, and we are passionate about high-end detailing, window tinting, and ceramic coatings. We want your vehicle to look and feel exactly how you want it to, and to keep it looking that way for the life of the vehicle.

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