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Ceramic Pro is a professional-level autonomized coating for your vehicle. What does that mean? We can spray it onto any substrate, any shape, and it will protect your vehicle at the highest quality. It’s absolutely unique in terms of ceramic coatings because it’s layerable. That means we can give you anywhere from a semi-permanent top coat to strengthen your clear coat to a permanent, premium coating with 8-10 mm of extra material between damage and your paint job. Protect your vehicle with a guaranteed, waranteed, driver-approved coating. With a package for every preference and budget, Ceramic Pro is the best in the market.

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Clear bra is the only protection option that can protect your vehicle from rock chips. This generation of clear bra materials are absolutely superior. They are self-adhering, don’t damage your paint, and carry warranties against yellowing and peeling for 10 years. We prefer SunTek Ultimate because they care about the end user and the installer. Like all good shops, we use a plotter to make sure that the clear bra is cut to the shape of your vehicle. For the best possible protection, combine Ceramic Pro and clear bra. You won’t be sorry.

Clear Bra Film | Cleveland Auto Detailing | Oakwood, OH

Protect your investment!

Mr. Detail started as an extension of our natural, keep-it-clean tendencies. With time and experience, we’ve learned how to detail vehicles to the highest standard, and we’re always looking for the next best thing. We’re detail oriented to a fault: one time we even detailed someone’s golf shoes when they left them in the trunk of their car. We created our own mobile units that have everything you need in a Transit Connect, which means we can detail your vehicle in the space of a two-car garage wherever you are. We redesigned our shop to include a superior hand wash facility. We’re going to put laser washes out of business because we just do it better — and we don’t damage your vehicle.

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Window tint is the best combination of useful and beautiful. It makes your car look sporty and luxurious. More importantly, it protects your vehicle from harmful UV rays. That means the interior stays cooler with less A/C. Heat reduction also keeps your interior from fading. With packages ranging from a sun strip to all four windows, we have packages and film to meet every need. We’ve even done retail stores when requested. Whether you want tint for your business, home, or vehicle, Mr. Detail can serve your needs.

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