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Clear bra, also known as paint protective film (PPF), is the best product on the market for protecting from rock chips. It’s a see-through polyurethane film that covers your vehicle. We offer several packages, from just the bumpers to the whole vehicle. We find that drivers who want their car to be absolutely perfect after a paint correction, will request that we top their clear bra with Ceramic Pro. The combination of these two products is unbeatable — all the protection and self-cleaning benefits of Ceramic Pro combined with clear bra’s ability to protect from rock chips. For drivers who spend a lot of time at high speeds — whether that’s the freeway with your daily driver or the track with your specialty or exotic vehicle — it’s the best protection that you can get for your vehicle.

Like all the best shops, we use a plotter to cut our clear bra. Having a plotter means that we never get near your paint with an exacto knife or anything of the kind. We simply find your vehicle’s specifications on the digital library of car makes and models and plug it in to the plotter. It cuts the paint protective film to the exact specifications of your car and we wrap it expertly in the film. There are several packages available for clear bra, and, of course, we’re always happy to set up an appointment for custom options.

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Protect your investment!

Clear Bra Protects Against

  • Paint Chipping
  • Rock Chips
  • Road Salt
  • Bugs
  • Scratches
  • Tree Sap



Featured Package: Full Front Kit

  • Entire coverage of hood (with wrapped edges)
  • Full fender coverage (with wrapped edges)
  • Bumper coverage
  • Front side mirrors
  • Headlights
  • Rear luggage area

SunTek Ultimate Clear Bra — 10 Year Warranty

Not your father’s clear bra: the new generation of paint protective film means protection from rock chips without compromising style.

Clear Bra Cleveland- SunTek 

Clear bras of the past were very noticeable once applied. They would yellow over time and were somewhat cloudy when applied, so they would have visible lines on the vehicle (depending on how the car was wrapped). They were also known for “freckling” if hit with rock chips.

All those problems have been solved with the new generations of paint protective films. The new films are nearly invisible. Our professional installers are experts at recommending the right wrap package for the aesthetics and protection of your vehicle. We have several packages ranging from just the bumper all the way to the full vehicle.

Our shop uses the SunTek 10-year Ultimate film. It’s got a polymeric barrier on it so it tends to hold up a little bit better against their standard, definitely. It comes with a 10 year warranty against peeling, dimples, freckles, and yellowing. It has excellent self-healing properties and, if you want to change your film for whatever reason, the adhesive is well-known for not destroying your clear coat when it comes off. Just like our window films, we always seek out the best. All of our materials are the best materials that the companies will offer.

We have base packages. We have a level one where it’s going to be just headlights, back of the mirrors. We have a level two package, which is going to be bumper covers, full headlights, back of the mirrors, and then a level three which is one of our most popular, so it’s going to be full front end. The full front end is usually 12 inches with the bikini cut on the hood. The bikini cut — depending on what kind of body style and things of it is — allows the film to disappear in the lines of the car, so if you don’t want to pay for the full hood, then we give you that and it’s a more stylish kind of cut, and the back of the mirrors are done as well. The next package is back of the mirrors, half of the hood, full headlights, and then the full front bumper. And beyond that, then it’s completely whatever they want wrapped. If they want to add the quarters in, then we a la carte any additional paint protection into the customer’s quote.

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