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Ceramic Pro is changing the game of paint protection and how people protect across multiple fields. It’s a nano ceramic paint coating that’s put on multiple types of surfaces. Everything from paint, plastics, glass, textiles, leather, stainless steel, full exhaust systems, full undercarriages, and even home applications like glass shower doors if you’re tired of soap scum.

Ceramic Pro is like case for your vehicle. Everything you love, you have a case for, right? Your cell phones, your collectible comics, your baseball cards, so essentially what Ceramic Pro does is it provides a case to protect whatever you want that you value and love, it’s really a no brainer. It’s like cell phones going from the trunk of your car to your pocket. That’s how much of a game changer Ceramic Pro 9H is as far as protecting things. Ceramic Pro keeps UV rays from damaging the material which in turn keeps the material clean and extends the life of the material.

Ceramic Pro is more valuable up here because the cars rust out so fast. Recently Cleveland introduced this liquid de-icer to the roads and since then I’ve been seeing very new vehicles — one to three years old even — that are totally rusted out. I mean, it’s getting onto the new chrome and it’s etching the chrome. I’m seeing this damage on, lots of vehicles, whether it be a big work truck or your Audis and your Range Rovers. You know, everything’s four wheel drive usually up here too, so people like to have them lifted and then you see more of the frame exposed, and that means that more rust is getting into the frames. So as a detailing shop, we’re really educating customers on complete rust protection and corrosion resistance that the ceramic coatings offer. There’s this huge untapped potential for the product in this area, because it’s really the perfect product for Cleveland’s environmental stresses.

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Ceramic Pro Cleveland Premium Packages

  • Diamond Package
  • Platinum Package
  • Recommended for show cars and exotics
  • Full paint correction is a must
  • Lifetime Warranty



Ceramic Pro Cleveland Daily Driver Packages

  • Ceramic Pro Gold
  • Ceramic Pro Silver
  • Ceramic Pro Bronze
  • Ceramic Pro Sport
  • A Package for Every Need

Ceramic Pro Cleveland Paint Coating Packages

These two packages are premium packages not offered by most Ceramic Pro affiliates. At our shop, we handle a lot of restoration and show cars, which has given us the opportunity to really test the limits of the durability and of the beauty of the Ceramic Pro coatings.

Ceramic Pro Diamond Package

The Ceramic Pro Diamond Package is our highest package available. The Diamond’s going to be eight layers of Ceramic Pro 9H and two layers of Ceramic Pro Light. It’s going to be about 10 mm of extra material on your paint. It actually magnifies your paint work underneath, so it just looks so magnificent and so bright, so pure that it really stands out. The glass, exhaust tips, stainless, and undercarriage are also coated.

Ceramic Pro Platinum Package

The Platinum is going to have six layers of 9H and two layers of Light, as well as a lifetime warranty. The glass gets coated as well as the exhaust tips and stainless steel. The undercarriage is optional with the Platinum package.

Ceramic Pro Gold Package

The Gold Package comes with a lifetime warranty. It has four layers of Ceramic Pro 9H and one layer of light. For any daily driver, this package is considered the best and comes with the guaranteed protection and guaranteed hydrophobic qualities of Ceramic Pro.

Ceramic Pro Silver Package

The Ceramic Pro Silver package includes a five year warranty. This package comes with one coat of Ceramic Pro 9H and one coat of Ceramic Pro Light. This is a very popular package with many car owners, and will certainly protect your from harsh Cleveland weather extremes.

Ceramic Pro Bronze Package

The Ceramic Pro Bronze package is great for drivers with a short ownership style. It comes with a one year warranty and one coat of Ceramic Pro Light. This package gives you all of the self-washing effects of Ceramic Pro, as well as the translucent sheen that protects your clear coat without taking away from your paint job.

Ceramic Pro Sport Package

The Ceramic Pro Sport package is an excellent way to understand what the Ceramic Pro lifestyle is all about. As our most budget-friendly package, it carries a six month warranty and comes with one layer of Ceramic Pro Sport. We find that drivers like to use the Sport Package as an alternative to waxing their vehicles to see what the benefits of Ceramic Pro are before committing to a whole coating package.

When you spray Ceramic Pro it autonomizes coatings, so it breaks them into finer particles. You get a much more even, much better coverage. Even in cracks and crevasses, it tends to do a lot more. It’s just a better, more superior way, to coat vehicles.

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