Ceramic Pro Platinum Package


The Ceramic Pro Platinum Package is our second highest premium package. It comes with six layers of Ceramic Pro 9H and one layer of Ceramic Pro Light, which acts as a top coat. It has all the great benefits of Ceramic Pro’s Gold Package, but it increases the amount of material on your clear coat. A full paint correction is an absolute necessity for this package.

You’re going to get two more coats of 9H, and these are for people that have a show car that they love, or even for your daily driver. This package is going to be the top percentile of people who want this coating, but once you get into this level of that many layers of 9H, you really start to have a very thick, sacrificial layer. It’s going to be double the amount of top coat material from the factory, so your factory paint job is going to be around 6 mm, 7 mm. So when we start putting 6 to 8 layers on your vehicle, you’re going to have 8-10 mm of material, so the depth, the gloss and the sheer protection that you’re going to get is just exceptional. It looks unworldly. If you really want your car to stand out and have a glow times a thousand, or if you’re the guy that always wants to be above and beyond and you want your car to win awards and it’s between one defect in the paint, these coatings are the ones that keep that car at the highest of standards.

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Included in Package

  • 6 Layers of Ceramic Pro 9H
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Light Applied as a Top Coat
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro 9H on Rims and Plastic
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on Front Side Windows and Windshield
  • Lifetime Warranty
The best way to protect your investment!

Ceramic Pro Platinum Package

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We go above and beyond with the Platinum and Diamond Package at Mr. Detail because we know how much you value your vehicles. We spend a lot of time working on exotic and show cars, and this level of package is for the true car enthusiast. We get some pretty amazing results with packages like this simply because we’re putting a lot of material on top of the paint, and that makes the whole paint job stand out from all the cars around it. With that much material, when we got to polish it down, you have this translucent sheen on the car, a dimensional aspect that wasn’t there to begin with. The factory paint job and clear coat are protected from virtually everything, and especially when combined with our clear bra packages, you end up with a vehicle that you simply don’t have to worry about doing much upkeep on — and it will still look perfect every day.

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When you’re a person who strives for perfection in your vehicle’s appearance,
the Platinum delivers — and more. It gives your paint a dimension and beauty that you just don’t find from factory paint jobs.The platinum package still has all the protective and self-cleaning effects to save you time.

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