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Our complete details have all of the above including clay bar, full prep, and a nice polish, which could be one or up to three stages depending on the vehicle. Once the exterior is complete, we then do the interior as well. We use everything with steam and then steam extractors. We’re going to pull carpet and give you a really superior cleaning on those carpets. A lot of guys will use a scrub bucket and a shop vacuum, but it’s not about how much water you put down in the carpet, and in fact less water is better. We use dual stage vacuum motor extractors that have 180 inches of water lift, which means minimal water in the fabric. It’s about 250 degrees of steam. It’s just putting light amounts of steam to break up and remove the heavy filth stains. We do all the vinyl with steam cleaners as well, so it’s a steamer machine that’s going to disinfect with temperature rather than a chemical. It gets in all the stitching, the cracks, the crevices. It’s real high level detailing that we do on the interiors, and is much more like restoration. Then we put a good UV inhibitor on the plastics if the customer doesn’t want to go with the ceramic route or with a textile version, so the car is completely top-to-bottom cleaned. The elite detail also includes the engine compartment as well with the exterior, interior and undercarriage, everything gets polished out. Even the lenses and headlights. If you’re searching for “auto detailing near me” look no further, Mr. Detail is your one-stop-shop for all your auto detailing needs.

Included in Package

  • Exceptional Exterior Detail
  • Professional Interior Detail
  • Wheel and Tire Detail and Shine
  • Clay Bar
  • One to Three Stage Polish (Based on Assessment)
  • Full Decontamination
  • Optional Engine Compartment and Undercarriage Detail
The best way to protect your investment!

Superior Detailing

Our shop distinguishes itself on a one-to-one comparison in its detailing, and that’s all because of our superior experience and knowledge. Most shops do a lot of working harder and not smarter in terms of detailing — which means that your car suffers. One of the most important things with an interior detail is treating everything with care while restoring it. On the exterior of your vehicle, we do this by carefully polishing your vehicle and using superior products. On the interior of your vehicle, it means using high-heat steam cleaners (we don’t put excess moisture in your carpets, seats, etc). By using high-heat, filtered air drying machines, we think about every step of the process. Customize your experience by choosing your paint protection option. We want to keep your car looking perfect as long as possible.

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Ceramic Pro is a permanent or semi-permanent automized ceramic coating. That means that on whatever substrate you spray it, it’s going to protect your vehicle. Choose your package that guarantees quality in any time period from six months to a lifetime.

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