AUTO DETAILING Full Exterior Package


Auto Detailing Glenwillow

Our full exterior package is going to be a full wash which includes tire and wheel detailing. Again, we’re going to do wheel wells, door jams, and then we do a full decontamination, so all the iron and heavy metal materials are dissolved off of the vehicle. Then we clay bar it so it just kind of removes surface contaminants, road grime, tar, and bugs. That will remove all the old wax and things, which is essential for prep. You never want to wax over the top of wax as it doesn’t give anything to bond to. Clay bar’s are also going to flatten the paint and reduce orange peel. Then we begin the polishing process. We usually do our general polishing here which is a 3M tri-step wax. So we’re going to do a claybar, a buff polish, and then a good paint sealant. While we still offer wax, we’re phasing away waxes completely. We offer a Menzerna paint sealant here which is a power lock. They all come with a standard paint sealant and then the client can a la carte up to Ceramic Pro coatings, so we offer the client more options.

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Included in Package

  • Full Exterior Wash
  • Wheel Well and Tire Detailing
  • Full Decontamination
  • Clay Bar
  • Buff Polish
  • Menzerna Paint Sealant
  • Optional Upgrade to Paint Protection Systems
The best way to protect your investment!

Paint Protection Options

Our shop provides a variety of options for paint protection after a detail or a paint correction.

  • WAX. Waxes are the classic sealant options. While we still offer wax options, especially 3M’s Tri-Step wax, we find that they just don’t last with all the environmental stresses on your vehicle in Cleveland. At best, they last three months. There are better (and still budget-friendly) options on the market, and we like to make sure our customers have the best.
  • PAINT SEALANTS. Menzerna has long been an industry standard for providing excellent products. We like and recommend their paint sealant, and use it on many of our complete details.
  • CERAMIC PRO SPORT. Ceramic Pro Sport is a six-month semi-permanent coating option. It gives you a taste of how easy and effective it is to apply ceramic coatings to your vehicle. It’s a great upgrade option on a standard complete detail.

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We’re phasing out waxes because they’re just not effective in Cleveland. Our standard is Menzerna’s paint sealant, but we encourage people to upgrade to Ceramic Pro Sport or other options above.

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